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Medical Practices

Our firm is committed to helping you achieve financial success within your medical practice - tax, accounting, payroll, and advisory services to healthcare practitioners. Our trained staff understands the challenges physicians face, such as increasing costs, healthcare reform, and decreasing reimbursements—which makes us the right choice to fill the role of your trusted adviser.

JSC Advisers offers a new solution for these uncertain times - providing personal service year-round that is responsive to your needs and allows a collaborative approach. Through careful planning, analysis and with medical practice experience, we can personalize a financial plan that keeps you on track to fiscal stability and long-term prosperity.

5 Reasons why JSC Advisers is right for your medical practice:

  • Specific key performance indicator analysis, ie. average production per patient, number of patients seen, etc.
  • Integration with medical practice management software
  • Information available 24/7 anywhere you are
  • Confidential financial information kept out of Staff’s view
  • Security that controls are implemented to prevent embezzlement

What our clients say

Pediatric Dentist / Pediatric Dentistry of Lewisburg

“I first met Jeremy over 10 years ago by virtue of a referral from my financial advisor, who said, "He's young, but works hard like you." Enough said. During our meeting, I found that we had commonalities, such as organization and attention to details. But what really stood out was the energy he brought into the room. There is a certain quality that exceedingly special people possess; sometimes it's referred to as the "it" factor. Jeremy possesses THAT ability to take the business side of my company, break down complex data, and put me into a zen state of mind by explaining what it all means.

Now, JSC Advisers have taken the next step by creating a consultation and planning strategy for the up and coming Millennials. At our last conference, Jeremy noted, "understanding not defining" young adults of the 21st Century is the proper methodology when trying to explain something new. Most advisers are rigid and resistant to change. However, the team at JSC Advisers believes that sometimes you have to shake things up and look at the problem from a different direction than we are accustomed to. "It is our responsibility to explain business in a way that fits the individual...and that sometimes leads us outside of our comfort zone."

Jeremy's willingness and passion to focus on each individual's needs has infected his tenured clients such as me and created a new orb of optimism for his entire team at JSC Advisers. Clients can all have tailored services to positively impact their business goals. In turn, JSC Adviser clients may allocate this new positive energy into their family's lives, benefiting health, wellness, and community.”

Pediatric Doctor / Ideal Pediatric and Adolescent Care, P.C.

“While planning the opening of my pediatric practice, a friend and small business owner recommended JSC Advisers.

I was getting very close to my grand opening and in a bit of a bind. I had been working with another accountant who did not fully understand my small business needs. My husband and I called and met with Jeremy and his staff. We were immediately impressed with their professionalism and knowledge base. Within a week of the meeting, our payroll, bookkeeping, and tax planning were complete and ready for our opening day!

After several years in business, we are very satisfied and confident that all our small business needs are carefully and thoughtfully planned. Jeremy and his team at JSC Advisers have been very flexible and affordable. Our payroll, bookkeeping, and taxes are appropriately filed and always completed in a timely manner.

I would highly recommend JSC Advisers to anyone that has a small business or to anyone planning on opening a small business. I am so grateful for their willingness to take us on with short notice and align us with a successful strategy.

It is reassuring to have JSC Advisers as part of our team and our success."