All 2022 tax returns completed by JSC Advisers will now be delivered electronically with SafeSend Returns

Small Businesses

As financial sectors of the economy continue to develop at warp speed, small businesses must develop sophisticated and specialized performance models. Financial accounting and tax services are now directly integrated into strategic planning, cash flow analysis, management and performance measurements, payroll, and tax compliance.  Since each industry has significantly different factors affecting its performance, accountants must tailor financial tools and tax strategies to provide immediate, accurate, secure, and useful information.

  • Sole proprietorship
  • General partnership
  • Corporation  
  • S Corporation  
  • Limited liability company

What our clients say

Corporate Cleaning Services Company In WI with 275 employees

“Our firm has been using JSC Advisers for several years now and feel that it has significantly elevated our business. They transitioned us to an online platform that allows for instant communication, sharing, and review of information - and this has been a game changer for us. We wondered how it would work being in different states, but Jeremy and his staff are available and responsive, and our monthly virtual meetings make it impossible to tell that there is any geographical distance between us. I would highly recommend JSC Advisers if you are looking for a quality accounting firm to handle the simple to the complex, and a group that truly cares about you and your business.”